We’re super excited about this new batch of songs and can’t wait to share them with you. We started recording in January and will be finishing up very soon. (Read a bit more about the album and listen to a teaser – https://annieandrodcapps.com/recordings/) Although this album is a relatively low-budget endeavor, we can really use your help to get it across the finish line. So we’ve set a modest goal to raise $5,000 (which will help us pay for the balance of mixing, mastering, and manufacturing of the CDs) and we hope to raise that in two weeks! Ambitious? Yes. But not impossible.

If 200 of you buy the album in the next two weeks, we hit that goal. If a few of you are able and feel compelled to donate a little more, we have those options as well. 

We created some other premiums below but if there’s something you want that isn’t listed, just reach out and we’ll do our best to make it happen. (NOTE, these options are subject to change but once you make a purchase we promise to deliver)

Options include:

  • $15 Download Only
  • $25 Disc and Download
  • $50 Disc, Download, and Donation (an extra $25 just because)
  • $75 Disc, Download, and Donation (an extra $50 and we’ll throw in 3 CAPPS albums of your choosing)
  • $100 Disc, Download, and Donation (an extra $75 and we’ll throw in 5 items from the Capps shop (choose from recordings, t-shirts*, and posters)
  • $150 Double down (2 of everything we have for sharing plus an extra $50 just because)
  • $250 Double down PLUS a one-on-one songwriting session with Annie (or something else we can offer of equal value)
  • $500 Double down PLUS a House Show* (or something else we can offer of equal value)
  • $1000 Executive Producer (All of the above, PLUS your name “in lights” in our album liner notes with Executive Producer credit)