Not what you’re thinking. WTF = When They Fall. That’s the title (at least for now) of our new CD that we’ve finally started recording! Interestingly enough, without any intention or planning, we’ve realized that every album of ours has a three word title. Not So Sure (NSS), One Big Show (OBS), In This Town (ITT), My Blue Garden (MBG), Searching for Neverland (SFN) and now When They Fall (WTF). Go figure. =) 

This project is exciting for so many reasons. Not only do we get to keep working with our beloved and exceptionally talented band-mates, Jason Dennie and Ozzie Andrews, but we’ve also once again commission the phenomenal drummer/percussionist, Mike Shimmin (the olllam, Joshua Davis, May Erlewine, Madcat’s Midnight Blues Journey and so many more). We’re once again recording with master engineer, Geoff Michael at Big Sky Recording where most of our albums were done. We loved working with Geoff on Searching for Neverland and knew he could deliver the goods on this one too. For Neverland” we worked hard to capture as close to a ‘live’ sound as possible. For this album, we’re heading down a much different path. WTF is all about doing things we may NOT be able to capture live. Each of us will play multiple instruments (yep, there will be banjo), there will be several guest singers and other stuff we haven’t figured out yet. All we know for sure is that we want a sonic feast for your ears with lush arrangements all serving the songs. And speaking of the songs… you’ve heard some of them many times and you’ve heard a few of them once or twice if you’ve been coming to shows regularly over the years and at least one or two you’ve probably never heard (save for a few of you songwriters who come to Monday night Song Salon). Final list is still to be determined. But to answer the most FAQ, yes “This Little Apple” will be on the CD. A new recording of it with a few new names in the requiem verse. 

At this time, we have no plans to use a crowd-funding service like Kickstarter or Indie Go Go but watch for details about how you can help us pay for this endeavor by pre-ordering a signed copy and taking advantage of some other premium deals.