We're Still Here

and we want to play for you!

Host a Private LIVE Concert

Yes! There is a way to do this safely and we’ve proven it. Thanks to the folks at Ann Arbor Summer Festival we experienced the joy of playing for real people at their homes. Whether you want to invite a dozen or more friends, just a few family, or have us play a few songs just for you. Contact us for pricing and availability – duo, trio or quartet.

Host a Private Zoom Concert

Not many people in the world who haven’t at least heard about Zoom. It’s the go-to meeting platform and lots of folks are just hanging out with friends this way. It’s also became a great way to create a more intimate personal concert experience where folks feel like they’re “in the room” with you. We’re happy to customize a set for your special event or just do our thing in honor of you be special.

The Ark Family Room Series – July 12

Americana Highways – June 18

Our First Songs from the Basement – April 18