Though our road resembles the surface of the moon and there’s still a chill in the wind, the birds and the bees are waking from their sporadic winter’s nap and flirting with the impending spring offering hope just when we need it most.

Between divisive pundits, politicians and the scary coronavirus monopolizing the airwaves, there’s enough doom and gloom going around to fuel our more fearful natures. In my advancing years, I’ve worked hard to avoid worry about unknowns and less face it, here in our corner of the universe, we’re not directly effected (yet). But there are REAL lock-downs and quarantines around the word so it wouldn’t take much coaxing to succumb to the idea of worse-case scenarios, pack up the instruments and the cat, and hole up in a cabin somewhere off the grid. No denying there are legit worries testing even the strongest among us and even this gal who usually reaches for her inner Pollyanna whenever possible, it’s taking a lot more effort these days. 

But we’ve got SO much to be grateful for and having given myself permission to put more energy into the musical part of our life, I’m writing a LOT and enjoying some guilt-free hours plucking away at my banjo. When Rod’s not learning a new fiddle tune or adding viola, guitar, or bass to someone’s album he’s looking through beekeeping catalogs and gearing up to spend time with his “girls”. 

Oh and I got a new camera! Gonna be fun to start sharing all these photos once I figure out how =) Here’s a few more for fun!