This time of year is always rife with emotions from blissfully happy to supremely sad, and everything in between. Rod and I have been talking a lot about time and how we want to spend what’s left of ours. Not PLANNING on going anywhere but with so many friends leaving us far too soon, the urgent ticking of the clock has us contemplating how we’re spending our time. Joyfully, comes to mind.

I’ve always struggled with time-management. I make lists, and then proceed to work on something that isn’t on that list. So, I add the thing I’m doing to my list so I can check it off. When I get going on any sort of creative project; a song, banjo practice, graphic design, composing a blog post etc. hours can go by in the blink of an eye.  Even now, as I write this blog post, my inner nag is reminding me of all the other things I SHOULD be doing. “Should” is word I’d like to remove from my vocabulary. Whether it be about me or in vain attempts at offering advice. Instead I could say “It might be good if I …” And there’s another little song I’ve been working on.

“Don’t need the perfect day or weather
to snuggle in the tall grass together,
gaze up at the sky, forget the “whys” and the “shoulds”
Hey! That would do some good!”

We are hopeful that plans to start recording our new CD in January will not be thwarted. At the same time we’ve got plans to record our first Diamonds in the Rust CD. If you don’t know about this band, click the link. Around this time last year we joined forces with Jan Krist & Jim Bizer along with Jan’s husband Alan Finkbeiner to form a new band made of old friends. We couldn’t be having more fun if we tried!

and now, as the title of this post may suggest, I am out of time and need to get this post posted.