Photos by Robin Scully

It’s been three months since our last Cappsule post and I guess that’s an indication as to how busy we’ve been. Between travel, day jobs, lots of performances and all the work that has gone into promoting this new little CD of ours, we’ve barely had a moment to ponder stuff. Coming up here in a short week, we’ll be boasting about the premiere of our new video for (That Would Do) Some Good. You can grab a sneak peak here (if you’re one of the few who drop by and read these little updates) and some of you social media users may have already seen it. We sure do appreciate the kind feedback. And speaking of that, we’ve had a couple nice reviews from a blogger or two that you can read on our Reviews & Quotes page.  We’ve also had some really great radio play both here in the states and abroad thanks to our promoters, Kari Estrin and Geraint & Deb Jones at GPromo. We’ve also been working with Art Menius Media who has helped us gain some nice exposure here in the U.S. including both an album and video premiere on

Album Premiere:!

Video Premiere: