When They Fall

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2019 Release



“The production quality is enticingly clear and the music spins hypnotic webs. Layers of bright guitar sounds and harmonies are the mark of When They Fall in this brand new traditional folk album.  Annie Capps’ vocals shine with the energy befitting a Broadway musical and the acoustic compositions are enchanting, all the while the lyrical tales make the best of the human experience.” – Melissa Clarke, Americana Highways

Ranging from whimsical and light to moody and dramatic, this batch of songs existed as separate expeditions across life’s bigger questions until the title track “When They Fall” came along to unify them under one cohesive collection. Be it falling in or out of love, falling from and into grace, falling in order to fly, thinking about falling or literally falling – the metaphor is of life being one big exercise in falling so that we may evolve and grow. Time, and it’s often cruel ephemeral nature, comes into play here as well.

As always, Annie’s lyrics and melody lay the foundation while the band builds the skyscraper. The usual suspects include husband and partner Rod Capps (guitar, viola and vocals), Jason Dennie (mandolin, mandola and vocals), Dan Ozzie Andrews (double bass and electric bass) and special guest, Michael Shimmin (drum kit and percussion). This exciting collaboration of gifted musicians composed thoughtful, intricate symphonies that somehow still feel sparse, supporting the words so they float on top.  Drew Howard works his pedal steel magic on a few tunes and the delicious vocal harmony of Jenny Bienemann (Chicago, IL) shows up on one of the more haunting songs on the album.

Producing what they believe is their best work to date, the Capps’ set out to make a sonically lush and lyrically impactful recording that listeners will feel deeply, joining the band on a journey of emotions and sticking with them to the very last song.