So what’s up with this new CD? You still have it as a Pre-sale on your website. Didn’t you just have a CD release concert? Can I get a copy now? Is it available on itunes or spotify?

Geez… so many questions. So here’s the short answer. Yes and No.

Yes, you can buy a copy here.

We have them in hand and will gladly mail you a copy. Digital download will be available here shortly. But the usual major online retailers won’t be selling the full album just yet.

And here’s why. We’re embarking on a major publicity and radio push coming up here in September and October in hopes of reaching a much wider audience. The OFFICIAL release date is September 6. From now until then we’re working with a couple of well-respected publicity professionals (Art Menius Consulting and Geraint Jones of will be putting “When They Fall” into the hands of dozens of major media outlets throughout the U.S., UK, Ireland and Europe in hopes of garnering some nice reviews and radio spins.

Then in September our radio promoter, Kari Estrin ( will be dropping this CD to hundreds of Folk and Americana radio DJs around the world.

Some pre-release tracks have been leaked to a few local stations and media, but in order to maximize the impact, we hold off with the national distribution until that September.

So what can you do? Well, if you don’t already have the CD and want a copy you can always order one from us. If you’re a digital music person, we’d love it if you reserved a copy in advance from itunes/apple music or amazon. That looks good for us. The title track is available for download now and if you buy that one song, they’ll deduct the .99 from the cost of the full record when the time comes.

At some point in the near future we may ask for your help requesting our music on your local station, playing it on Spotify and spreading the word.

We’re so grateful for all the local and regional support we’ve received so far and can’t wait to hear what the rest of world has to say about “When They Fall”.