Wait. Our last post here was May 2023? We were asking for help to fund our Love & Rain album which has now been out for a whole year! Holy cow. Note to self. I really must get better at this. Coming to you now as we head into a very exciting summer of festivals and outdoor events. Mostly with the Capps band but three of those festivals were after the Badass Women Band! It all started with my solo album “How Can I Say This” which was formed to help bring the album to life for a few CD release events. We had so much fun playing together and there was so much songwriting talent on that stage that it made sense to evolve into something more than just my album. Spurred on by some interest from the Wheatland booking committee, we set to work on building a press kit that would serve to promote this band. My songs were low-hanging fruit for now so we recorded “Dirty Little Secret” and “Two Different Things”. Filmed by the amazing Charlie Steen and recorded by and at La Luna Recording and Sound in Kalamazoo (where I also recorded and mixed my album) with engineers Maggie Heeron and Ian Gorman.

We’re now working up a full set featuring all the songwriters in the band, Annie Bacon, Fay Burns, and Julianna Wilson as well as some very cool covers. Along with these three badasses, the band features incredible musicians, Cori Somers on violin, Sara Gibson on cello, and Carolyn Koebel on drums. Visit https://badasswomenband.com for more info and of course, we’ll post all the shows here on our LIVE page.

Hope you’ve got a fun summer planned. All reports are that it’s gonna be a scorcher. Be safe. Drink lots of water and carry an umbrella for shade. (let’s see if I can take my own advice)