About Annie & Rod Capps

The full(ish) story

Songs about broken things and poignant little ponderings are delivered with a rootsy vibe, a touch of twang and a soulful groove. Annie and Rod are on a musical journey that began in 1982, culminating into a symbiotic sound that reflects their deep and intuitive understanding of each other. Annie’s disarming, earthy voice and solid command of her guitar are punctuated by Rod’s effortless, accompaniment and beautiful solo work. Together they weave unforgettable melodies that are at once intricate and sparse – musically completing each others’ sentences.

“The audience is drawn in right from the beginning with Annie’s amazing voice and the power of her songs. She has a way of making everyone in the venue feel like she is his or her personal friend.” – Dave Rutkofske, Blue Water Folk Society (Thumbfest)

2Over the years, Annie and Rod have done it all; from rock to musical theater and while they continue to draw from a wide range of genres and influences, what comes out is a hybrid sound all their own. Genuine and playful; effortless and endearing; this duo has been enchanting audiences in quality music venues, house concerts, coffeehouses and festivals throughout their home state of Michigan and beyond.

“When I look around the room at an Annie and Rod Capps performance, I see a lot of smiling faces with eyes riveted to the stage…there is a magic that energizes an audience. I can’t wait to bring them back to our concert series!” – Tim Piazza, Concerts at the Cabin, Evansville, Indiana


Upcoming shows

  • Sunday, Apr 16, 2023 Annie Solo
    at Live via Zoom
    Chelsea, MI
  • Thursday, Apr 27, 2023 Full Band Show
    at Owens State Community College
    Perrysburg, Ohio
  • Saturday, Jun 10, 2023 Full Band Show
    at Noreast’r Music Festival
    Mio, MI
  • Thursday, Jun 22, 2023 Full Band Show
    at The Ark
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • Thursday, Jul 6, 2023 Annie & Rod Capps
    at Sounds & Sights
    Chelsea, Mi