It’s been 3 months since we last posted any updates here and it’s not like there hasn’t been much to share. 2019 was a great year for so many reasons. We continue to be so grateful for our exceptionally talented band-mates, Jason Dennie and Ozzie Andrews! Both have multiple successful music projects and it’s an honor they make time for us in their busy schedules!

Our new CD “When They Fall” did us proud with the fans, reviewers and Folk Djs whose attention to our album made it the #5 song for the month of September with the #1 most played song “(That Would Do) Some Good”. We stuck around at #12 for October and are still seeing lots of airplay around the country and the globe.

We had some lovely features and a couple really nice interviews, including this one with Jan Hall of Folk Roots Radio. The interview starts at around half way. We were honored to be named one of her favorite albums of 2019!

We also talked to Bev Harris from Brooklands Radio “Mainly Folk” show in the UK. Here’s a link to that show

There were many, many reviews overseas, and we’ve always wanted to tour Europe so we’re laying that groundwork!

I (annie) am taking a break from my graphic design business to focus on the business of making music. Been letting other things get in the way of fully immersing in that about which I am truly passionate so I’m turning off the guilt feedback loop that has kept me from doing this. The minute I put that intention out to the universe, songs and gigs started coming. Not as fast as I would have liked but we’ve booked a lot of first-time venues and festivals so far in 2020 – so things are looking good!!

and if that’s not enough, I’ve been really honored to work with the talented singer/songwriter, Lauren Crane as a mentor and producer for her upcoming album to be released early this year! Wearing this producer hat has been a super fun learning experience! More on that later.

 The winter has gone from brown and mild to chilly and white and back again a few times. At this writing we’re digging out of one of the few heavier snowfalls we’ve had. It’s reaking havoc on the dirt road with tire munching craters growing bigger by the hour. Still, it’s February in Michigan and this is nothing unusual, is it… we’ve certainly had it worse. 

Last bit of news – we’ll be releasing a new video of “When They Fall” very soon so watch for that and thanks for reading!!